Mobilizing the community.

We realized MetroCards often go unused when their values is less than the $2.50 for a full fare and were inspired by the opportunity to fund public transportation with private waste. All those cents add up – it turns out over $50 million worth of MetroCards goes unused every year!

The NeXT Stop Project collects low balance MetroCards, aggregates them (which anyone can do), then distributes the full-fare cards to our partners. To collect, the most efficient method would be to install dropboxes in subway station, but unfortunately the MetropolitanTransportation Authority refused our request so we are exploring alternate avenues.

Meanwhile, we’ve been making a difference one MetroCard at a time. NeXT Stop partners with outreach organizations like soup kitchens and vocational program to target people who seek opportunity but struggle to get to their ‘next stop,’ such as employment, health, or education.

Every MetroCard counts.

Operations Update as of 9/16/14

NeXT Stop has donated 467 round-trip MetroCards. Of those, our MetroCards have provided the following: 100 job interviews/training, 77 medical visits, 62 benefits appointments, 90 housing / shelter, 37 mobility issues. Interborough travel accounts for approximately 61%.

We’ve also collected over 300 MetroCards and combined a chunk into 10 round-trip and 12 single-fare cards.