Metrocards for the needy in new york city

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The NeXT Stop Project

Mobilizing the Community

Everyone has somewhere to go. Please support us in helping others get to their NeXT Stop. Every MetroCard counts!

MetroCards Distributed
MetroCards Collected
Job Interviews
Medical Appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

How are MetroCards distributed and to whom?

NeXT Stop donates MetroCards to its Partners – outreach organizations such as soup kitchens, vocational placement programs, and homeless shelters – and they distribute to their clients based on need. Our strongest partner relationship is with Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, the largest of its kind in NYC and second largest in the USA. NeXT Stop works with its Partners to ensure MetroCards are distributed appropriately, for uses ranging from medical appointments, access to other shelters and kitchens, job interviews, vocational training, and educational opportunities.

How do I make a donation to NeXT Stop?

Donate online here. Alternatively, mail your MetroCards or a check payable to ‘NeXT Stop Project’ and addresed to:
NeXT Stop Project
101 West 90th St, #18B
New York, NY 10024

Where are the donations going?

100% of your donations go to MetroCards – NeXT Stop team members are volunteers with no salaries and board members fund our administrative costs. Approximately 95% of donations are spent on buying MetroCards to distribute to our Partners, the other 5% on collection boxes to collect low-balance MetroCards.

How will NeXT Stop collect insufficient cards?

The most efficient method is to place collection boxes in subway stations but the MTA refuses to allow it. We are targeting NYC stores, hotels, and museums for dropbox locations. Check out our Locations page. More coming soon!

How many people really need this?

More than 50,000 people sleep in NYC homeless shelters every night. More than 20% of NYC lives under the poverty line and 45% are dangerously close.

I want to help but can’t donate money – what can I do?

You can help spread awareness, collect MetroCards, find outreach organizations to partner with, fundraise, and enlist political support. Contact us to join the effort.

Is this just for New York City?

For now. NeXT Stop is starting with NYC to focus its efforts but this is just the first stop. Transportation is a need everywhere.

Thank You For Your Support